Individual therapy is a valuable piece of your medical care. Similar to how you would take great care to choose a specialist for your medical concerns, such as a Cardiologist, Gastroentologist, or Orthopedic Surgeon, why wouldn’t you also choose to see a Psychologist, a specialist in mental health concerns?

Dr. Lucia is a Licensed Psychologist and owner of Behavioral Health and Trauma Recovery Services, Inc, a therapy practice located in Castle Rock, CO. She specializes in treating adults with anxiety and trauma symptoms, and also specializes in behavior modification in order to improve overall physical and mental health.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is the specialty practice of using both cognitive science and behavioral learning principles to effectively treat psychological symptoms (i.e., panic attacks or nightmares) and physical manifestations of symptoms (i.e., stress induced headaches or lack of appetite). Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) is an evidenced-based intervention used for the treatment of trauma related symptoms and PTSD.

Services offered during a therapy session may include an evaluation at the initial session to assess areas of concern and goals for therapy. Therapy will consist of ongoing assessment, education on current problem area(s) and/or symptoms, employing techniques of CBT and/or CPT, and supportive therapy that will guide you in learning how to independently implement interventions in order to alleviate emotional (feelings), cognitive (thoughts), and/or physical distress. The primary goal is to meet your personal goals and to improve your overall quality of life and daily functioning.

Typically one 50-minute session is scheduled weekly at a mutually agreed upon time; frequency may be more or less as dictated by treatment needs.

If your treatment includes trauma work, Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT), an evidenced-based manualized treatment protocol may be implemented. Course of treatment is typically 12 weekly sessions (60-90 minutes in duration); this may vary as needed.

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